System Efficiencies: Operate more efficiently and effectively

Goal 5: Orbis is an organization with efficient systems supported by a culture of learning.

All Orbis offices and affiliates will have clarity of purpose and work effectively to advance our mission. This will involve clarifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations for every team and employee—reinforced through enhanced performance management systems—and ensuring that every project is guided by clear impact outcomes and key performance indicators that are tracked, reported on, and used for strategic decision-making.

Over the next five years we will:

  • Continue to improve organizational infrastructure and tools that are driving programmatic work: Investing more in improving our internal infrastructure will help us reduce operational costs and demonstrate value for money to our donors. We will prioritize and invest in our capabilities across four priority areas: grants management systems and processes, program management, clinical training, and technology. We will also strengthen our new employee education processes and overall knowledge management systems, making them more accessible for our global team and responsive to growing trends towards increased remote working. Additionally, we will refine our monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems to track key outcomes more effectively and inform strategic decision-making.
  • Increase transparency and accountability measures in program design and evaluation as well as consistent reporting to stakeholders: We will ensure more transparency with local partners and communities through the inclusion of feedback mechanisms throughout project lifecycles. We will also directly engage local partners and community leaders in outcome mapping as part of our program design, review, and evaluation tools. Our accountability to our donors will be demonstrated through more streamlined and comprehensive global reporting that is transparent about our activities and the results we have achieved.
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