Thought Leadership: Be thought leaders and innovators in eye health

Goal 4: Orbis is recognized as a trusted thought leader and innovator.

As COVID-19 has accelerated the push towards digitization in healthcare, we will retain our position as a leader in telemedicine and prioritize investment in innovative technologies for training and service delivery that are cost-effective, high-impact, and appropriate for low- and middle-income countries to grow the scale, reach, and opportunities for our ophthalmic services.

Over the next five years we will:

  • Leverage our global presence and networks to influence others and demonstrate the impact of our work: Relevance and alignment with our strategic objectives will guide and determine which coalitions we will pursue and advance. We will identify thought leaders within our organization to grow our participation in global and national-level conferences to represent and communicate key learnings from our programming and to learn from others. We will also continue to author journal articles and white papers on our approach to and learnings from eye health program implementation.
  • Develop and share evidence-based innovations for problems facing eye health: We will continue to invest in quality research and prioritize our efforts to gather evidence for effective strategies to improve the quality, knowledge, and sustainability of eye health services worldwide. Our research in evidence-based outcomes can contribute to and inform policy changes for eye health inclusion in national and international development agendas.
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