Orbis Friends Monthly Donation Program

Your monthly donation provides regular and necessary resources to support Orbis sight-saving work worldwide, enabling us to provide different long-term medical programs and sustainable training to help more visually impaired patients living in low- and middle-income countries. Join us now and become an "Orbis Friend"!

How Can Your Monthly Donation Help?

Orbis’s long-term blindness prevention work in low and middle-income countries are heavily reliant on regular monthly donations. This generous support helps us to plan and implement multi-year projects that are aimed at ensuring that quality eye care is available and affordable for all.

In CHINA, we are focusing our efforts in lowering the price of eye care services for the poor by investing in training of doctors, medical equipment, and introducing multi-tier price structures, so that the poor have access to, and choice of sight-saving treatments.

The ongoing projects in ETHIOPIA, including trachoma prevention, support to the local main hospital, including biomedical engineering and eye banking, and the strengthening of rural eye care delivery.

In VIETNAM, only 10 ophthalmologists are available for every 1 million Vietnamese, with most practicing in large cities. Orbis’ work concentrates on areas including pediatric ophthalmology (especially in ROP skills), diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease, eye banking, corneal donation and the increase of rural communities' access to comprehensive eye care services.

INDIA shoulders the world's largest burden of blindness. Of a total population exceeding one billion, as many as 15 million people are blind, with an additional 52 million visually impaired. In India, Orbis focuses on building the local capacity in diagnosing and treating childhood blindness, corneal disease, eye banking and diabetic retinopathy.

In BANGLADESH, we focused on building the already established childhood blindness and optometry training capacity in the country and in making eye care services affordable to the urban poor by including eye care in community-based mutual insurance schemes.

How Can You Make Your Monthly Donation?

You can support Orbis Kid Sight Friends Monthly Donation Program through the following ways:

1. Sign-up Online: Support Now

2. Complete our registration form: Download Now

• Send the completed form back to Orbis Macau using either of the following methods

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Fax: 2835 6061
  • Postage: P.O. Box 478, Macau
  • In-person: Rua de S. Domingos No. 16F-L, Edf. Hin Lei, 2/F, Room 32, Macau

*Please download the authorization form provided by the below list of banks if you would like to support our monthly donation program through monthly direct debit.

*If you are using Banco Nacional Ultramarino* or Tai Fung Bank* account for monthly direct debit, please remember to complete and send the original authorization form together with the monthly donation sign-up form.

And for those who are using Bank of China or OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited account, please only submit the authorization form to sign up.

Please send the form(s) to Orbis Macau using either of the following methods.

  • Postage: P.O. Box 478, Macau
  • In-person: Rua de S. Domingos No. 16F-L, Edf. Hin Lei, 2/F, Room 32, Macau

*Once the bank has confirmed your details, you will receive a letter outlining when your donations will begin. Donations are normally debited on the 8th of each month.

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