Initiate a fundraising event

Besides Orbis's regular fundraising events, we rely greatly on individuals and local organizations to initiate their own events for Orbis.

You may host your very own charity sale, concert, exhibition, or encourage your guests to make donations to Orbis in lieu of flowers and gifts for your anniversary. You are welcomed to donate all or part of your proceeds of your event to Orbis. We will be happy to provide you with Orbis materials and fundraising tools, while we sincerely hope that our supporters can follow our guiding principles while planning and organizing your fundraising events.

Please click here to download the “Application Form For Fundraising Campaign” and the guidelines, and return the completed form to Orbis Macau. We will be contacting you for more details after reviewing your application.

Please contact Orbis Macau for more details:

Phone number: (853) 2830 0787

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