Get your students involved

If you, your classmates or teachers want to know more about how Orbis and its donors are restoring and preserving sight in poorer nations, or how to protect your sight, here's where to start!

Imagine being blindfolded and having to walk from your classroom to the playground to play a game of basketball. Ouch! You're sure to bump into someone or something along the way. Now imagine never being able to take off that blindfold, and never being able to see your loved ones again.

Most people in developed cities like Macau take sight for granted. None of us should ever forget that for millions of people in poorer countries, sight is just a dream. Orbis is committed to fighting blindness as well as raising public awareness of the importance of eye care. The good news is that you can help!

Orbis Presentation

If you or your fellow students or teachers would like to learn how to care for your eyes or discover more about Orbis’s work, we would be delighted to arrange an eye care talk at your school. Please contact us at (853) 2830 0787 to arrange a time. Alternatively, download the enrollment form then return to [email protected] or fax to (853) 2835 6061. We would be happy to bring eye care booklets and other materials along with us for distribution.

Fundraise for Orbis

Orbis welcomes donations from schools and colleges in support of its sight-saving programs. Many creative opportunities exist for you and your fellow students or teachers to increase awareness or raise funds, such as organizing bazaars, charity sales, plays and musicals.

Please contact Orbis Macau for any inquiries:

Phone number: (853) 2830 0787

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