Wedding Commemorative Program

Make a donation to the needlessly blind on behalf of your wedding guests, and "double up the happiness"!

Getting married is a lifetime commitment and one of the most important decisions any of us will ever make. Gaining or regaining one’s sight is an equally momentous event for the blind or visually impaired. So if you are celebrating the start of yourself and your sweetheart’s shared journey, why not double your happiness by making an Orbis Wedding Commemorative Donation that will brighten the lives of needlessly blind people the whole world over?

Please click here for details and the Donation/Order Form.

Donate MOP3,800 or more of your wedding gift money and we will reward you and your partner with a pair of cute wedding bears and a framed ‘Thank You’ Certificate.

In addition, you may purchase more Orbis gifts for your wedding guests: Orbis greeting card: MOP2 each; Flying Eye Hospital pendant: MOP10 each.

For more ideas to make your big day more meaningful, please contact Orbis Macau at:

Phone number: (853) 2830 0787

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