Leaving Orbis a bequest in your will, no matter how large or small, enables us to continue training doctors whose skills will benefit thousands of blind men, women and children for many, many years to come.

The end of our lives does not necessarily mean we must cease trying to make our world a better place! In recent years, more and more Orbis supporters have shown their compassion by making provisions for the visually impaired in their wills. Regardless of the amount of money involved, such legacy donations really do help opening many needlessly blind eyes. There are several ways you can leave a legacy gift to Orbis:

  • Bequest Donation – Include an instruction in your will that a percentage or all of your property should go to Orbis. For details, please seek the advice of your family solicitor or the Public Notary Office of the Macau SAR Government.
  • Insurance Policy Donation – You can also name Orbis as a beneficiary for a percentage of the value of your life insurance policy.
  • Funeral Gift Donation – After a loved one’s funeral, you can donate some or all of the monetary gifts made by mourners to Orbis on behalf of the deceased. You may also encourage friends and relatives to donate to the needlessly blind in lieu of flowers.

While who you choose to benefit from your will is purely a private matter, it would be of enormous help for our future planning if you could give us advance notice of any legacy you plan to leave us. By doing so, you will enable us to use our newsletters and annual reports to give you a far clearer picture as to how we will put your legacy to good use. Please rest assured that your personal information will be held in the strictest confidence and that you are free to change your mind about your legacy at any time.

We hope you consider leaving some kind of bequest to Orbis so we can create still more heart-warming sight-saving stories on your behalf for many years to come. To learn more about our legacy program or if you need some assistance in drafting your will, please contact us on 2830 0787 or e-mail to [email protected].

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