Program Delivery: Delivering high-quality and sustainable programming

Goal 1: Orbis is a leader in ophthalmic training and services delivery with sustainable programmatic impact that achieves quality-of-life improvements and value for money (and with evidence to prove it).

Leveraging the increased focus of governments and funders on realizing universal health coverage, Orbis will work to integrate eye health within primary health care through advocacy, strategic partnerships, research, and our program design.

Over the next five years we will:

  • Measure what works well: To maximize our impact for the communities we work in, we need to gather evidence, continuously improve, adapt our programmatic approach, and share lessons learned.
  • Focus on inclusive programming: We will strengthen the mainstreaming of gender equality across our programming, recognizing the special challenges that are faced by girls and women. We will also put greater emphasis on inclusion of the most marginalized and deprived communities, such as people with disabilities and internally displaced and refugee populations.
  • Integrate program delivery and hybrid service delivery: We will continue to build the capacity of local partners, doctors, nurses, and community health workers to deliver quality eye care while also looking at expanding our opportunities to provide direct care and services.
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships for improved eye health: We will strengthen our partnerships with a wide range of actors, including government, teaching institutions, health facilities, development partners, the private sector, and donors—recognizing and leveraging relationships that fully reflect our vision, values, and priorities. We will also explore new areas for growth and integration outside the eye health sector, given the evidence of the interconnectivity and impact of good eye health with other health and development areas.
  • Enhance use of new technologies to strengthen the capacity of local partners and achieve results at scale: Our innovative use of technology has allowed us to train more eye care professionals in more places than ever before. We will grow and adapt our existing technology assets to new learning models, while looking at more robust promotion strategies within our country programs and global channels.
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