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Orbis makes every pin count! We’re celebrating World Sight Day 2023 by offering intrepid travelers special pins showcasing precious cultural elements from various exotic countries in which our volunteers work.

Let's support Orbis Action for Sight and let the world be seen

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Collect Our Brightness Journey Series Pin by Supporting the Orbis Action for Sight!

Orbis believes that everyone should be free to marvel at the wonders of our world. If you share our dream, please make a donation to support our volunteers during Action for Sight campaign period. To demonstrate our appreciation, we’ll reward you with a randomly selected pin from our Brightness Journey collection. Each colorful design symbolizes a country where our donors and volunteers work are saving and restoring sight.

As a token of our appreciation, supporters at MOP$100 or above will receive a randomly selected pin from our "Brightness Journey " series.

Together, We Let the World Be Seen!


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